Starclan Warriors

Based on warrior cats written by Erin Hunter. Also, a Warrior cats RP website

    Camp of Darkclan~

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    Newborn kit

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    Camp of Darkclan~ Empty Camp of Darkclan~

    Post  Tigergirl777 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:36 pm

    The leader's den is a borrow beneath the TreeStump, which is where DarkClan holds their meetings. The leader is the only cat who sleeps there.

    The warriors den is made of twigs, sticks, brambles, dried mud, moss and pine straw on top of the branches of
    a dead bush. It is very sturdy in Leafbare. The dried mud and clay acts like glue, holding the other materials together.

    The apprentices den is a hollow beneath the roots of a large rotting tree. The apprentices sleep here until they become warriors and get their warrior names.

    The nursery is a dug out burrow within a large pile of sticks, roots, moss, pine straw, dried mud and clay. This den does not appear to be a den at all, but rather a large pile of forest waste. The cats that live here are the queens and kits.

    The elders den is a burrow dug at the base of a dead tree. The elders of the Clan spend the rest of their nights sleeping in this den when they retire from being a warrior.

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