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Based on warrior cats written by Erin Hunter. Also, a Warrior cats RP website

    Camp of Iceclan~

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    Camp of Iceclan~ Empty Camp of Iceclan~

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    IceClan's camp is hidden and protected be a thick wall of brambles, bracken and thorns. The entrance is just big enough to have two apprentices squeeze by each other. The camp itself is in a small ravine in the middle of their territory.

    As you pass through the entrance you'll find yourself in a clearing, the ground under paw worn hard and bare by countless paws of the cats who haved lived there; both dead and alive.

    To your right you'll see a large elder bush, similar to FireClan’s bramble bush. It’s the Warriors Den. The entrance is a gap facing the tunnel, or entrance, to the Camp. It’s not wide enough to have a rival Clan barge through, only wide enough for two middle sized warriors to fit.
    A smaller, bramble bush beside the Warriors Den makes the Apprentice Den. This warm and comfy place can fit about eight or nine apprentices at once.
    To your left from the Apprentice’s Den and across a small clearing, is a tall rock with a split wide enough so the Medicine cat can escort an injured cat into the Medicine Den for treatment.

    Next to the Medicine den is a large tree stump with ivy and bracken surrounding and atop it, creating the Elders Den. If you hear an angry yowl, you’ll know right away which den is theirs.
    At the back of the clearing is a large pile of rocks. A hole near the top of the largest of these rocks provides the perfect place for the IceClan leader. The large rocks are known as the Rock Pile, where the leader will address the Clan. Hanging lichen keeps the air cool inside my Den.
    The Nursery's entrance is across the clearing from the Leaders Den. The Nursery is brackens brambles and thorn bushes growing a little ways away from the Apprentices Den. This is probably the safest place besides the leaders den or medicine den.

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