Starclan Warriors

Based on warrior cats written by Erin Hunter. Also, a Warrior cats RP website

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    Newborn kit
    Newborn kit

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    Mossclan's camp lies at the foot of a sandy ravine, protected by thornbushes.
    The camp is easy to defend and hard to attack.
    The nursery is under large rocks and is shared between the queens and kits, ususally the safest and most protected
    The apprentices' den is a large rock shared among the apprentices. It is protected by a thorn burier.
    The warriors den is under a large fallen oak tree, kind of like a cave.
    The medicine den is a rock carved large enough for a cat to walk through; the leader's den is next to the medicine den under a large rock surrounded by brambles and thickets. The elder's den is probably the second safest den; two fallen trees with a gaping whole make up the den.

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