Starclan Warriors

Based on warrior cats written by Erin Hunter. Also, a Warrior cats RP website

    Ideas, Suggestions, Problems, & Answers for Starclan Warriors!

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    Ideas, Suggestions, Problems, & Answers for Starclan Warriors!

    Post  Oceanstorm on Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:30 pm

    This topic is where we can post ideas/suggestions/problems/answers for Starclan Warriors.
    I'll go first.

    Okay, I like the format of the website and I really like the format for when you are posting a topic/post.
    The words when you are typing them in the text box look kinda weird, but I guess I will get use to them.
    The chatbox looks kinda weird with the underlined names, but I will get use to that soon too! Very Happy

    I also like all of your emoticons! Flower 2

    I know that Willow & Raven said that you can't join AWCA: Tri Forum, but if you want you can create your own tri forum with some of the other user's websites, if they are willing. The more the merrier, right?
    I also like the names of the clans. They are pretty cool.

    That is it so far! If you guys have any other ideas/problems/suggestions/answers for Starclan Warriors then go ahead!!!!!!!! Bluestar

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